Organizing Your Social Media

Ever feel cluttered and unorganized on your social media accounts?


There comes a point in most college students’ lives when you begin to realize that picture you uploaded years ago of your friend streaking through the quad during a snowstorm isn’t exactly going to land you that dream job.

Some people use social media purely as a personal source to interact with friends. That’s what they were originally designed for after all so that’s wonderful. Great! You understand how to operate these sites!

However, with the increasing demand for social media and decrease in attention spans, social media is necessary in the work field.

Start with each site one-by-one and really detox what you do not want out there. Now we all know, once you click submit it is permanently out there, but if you try to clear up your current pages now and better-monitor your future posts, you’re already recreating your social media presence.

Now what happens when you go to clean up your Twitter account and realize you have 5,640 tweets that consist of complaints about school/work, judgmental observations of people around you, the latest Drake song lyrics, and, my personal favorite, the oh-so-witty party updates…

Start all over.

You heard me. There is no point in sitting there deleting thousands of inappropriate tweets. Delete it. If the account means too much to you, set it to private and make sure the name on the account is not your first name, last name, and the year you were born. Allow this to be your ‘fun/personal’ account. You still risk your boss finding it, but it’s better than nothing.

Start a new account under your name in an accessible way and showcase your skills on here. These are NETWORKING tools for you and companies you may be working for in the future.

Lastly, incorporate consistency within these networks. If you are interested in going into the field of public relations, marketing, or social media, this is especially important. If you’re building a professional presence for yourself online, it is important to link your networks together and choose a consistent theme, color scheme, name…etc. For instance, my color scheme is teal, white lace, and green. I incorporate these colors on all social media platforms. I also promote each account on other accounts. It’s part of branding yourself and building your image.

Remember, with all the social media we have today, we have more opportunities to market ourselves and add more personality and character to our applications rather than just a black and white resume.

Take time to organize your social media so that you can confidently attach your social media handles with your cover letter to companies and let them know exactly why you are worthy of representing them.

Most of all, don’t stress. Take your time with it. The effort you put in really shows.


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